The city of Trebinje and Lombardy agreed on cooperation in the field of tourism, culture and agriculture

Yesterday, representatives of the City of Trebinje met in the City Administration with members of the delegation from Lombardy, where they agreed to cooperate on projects in the fields of tourism, culture, agriculture and sustainable development.

The mayor of Trebinje, Mirko Ćurić, said that all interested producers from Trebinje, if they meet certain conditions, will have the opportunity to sell their products in Italy.

“The topics that we have singled out as interesting and that we will work on in the coming period are product branding, whether it is a drink, specifically wine, but also food, then student exchange, where our students will have the opportunity to go to Italy, but also their students to come to us. Also, they have good solutions for the youth to stay, especially in rural areas, and what is interesting according to their estimates is that if a woman stays in that area, then the whole family stays too. Our goal is to connect the Tourist Organization of the City of Trebinje, but also of Herzegovina, with local tourist organizations from Lombardy, and we also plan to open a house of Mediterranean products in Trebinje” , said Mayor Ćurić.

Milena Bertani, president of the Association for the Council of Cities and Regions of Italy, reminded that in October last year in Milan, they signed an Agreement on cooperation in the field of agriculture, tourism and sustainable development with the City of Trebinje.

“The project is based on the formation of a Mediterranean food network, that is, on the valorization of those products that are original and important for a place and area. The seeds of valorization and work on projects in the Republic of Srpska were planted in Trebinje. We also talked about how important it is to keep young people in these areas. I must emphasize that you stand out for your cultural and historical wealth and you should be proud of it. The representatives of the City of Trebinje have expressed their interest in joining us in projects of this type, and I must express my gratitude and pleasure that we are in your city today,”  said Bertani.

The director of Italian associations that promote remote and rural areas, Patricio Muzitelli, expressed his gratitude for the hospitality and pointed out that he found many common elements between our country and the territory it represents.