2.1 million KM for tourism projects in Sarajevo Canton, applications in progress

The Sarajevo Canton Tourist Board announced on Monday, April 8, a public call for co-financing projects of importance for tourism in the Sarajevo Canton. As stated in the documentation, a budget of 2.1 million KM is provided for the co-financing of projects in this area, and TZKS will, as stated, co-finance projects in the amount of up to a maximum of 50% of the total amount for the implementation of the project.

TZKS plan, for co-financing projects that will develop, improve, enrich or promote specific tourist products in the field of cultural and historical tourism, religious tourism, outdoor, rural and ecological tourism, as well as other specific forms of this activity (gastro tourism, halal tourism, health , business, etc.) is estimated at 657,000 KM. Those who apply for TZKS funds will have to provide a minimum of 20% of the money needed for the proposed project. According to the documentation, projects from the mentioned areas of tourism should be implemented from April 2024 to January 2025.

For projects that mark important dates and events in KS, such as Sarajevo City Day, International Day and European Night of Museums, commemoration of the anniversary of the Olympic Games in Sarajevo, the anniversary of the Sarajevo assassination, World Tourism Day, International Labor Day, etc., in this ad TZKS is allocated an amount of 100,000 KM. The time frame for the realization of the project is April 2024 – February 2025.

As for summer activities, in order to further motivate tourists to visit the Canton of Sarajevo and stay there longer, part of the money will be allocated for projects that are held outdoors, that is, for the Sarajevo Summer Fest. As stated in the documentation, 700,000 KM will be allocated to enrich the content and create new ones within the Sarajevo Summer Fest. The minimum own participation of the project proponent is 30% of the total value of the project, and the projects should be implemented from May to October of this year.

For the promotion of the Visit Sarajevo brand through sports, as stated in the public advertisement, 650,000 KM will be allocated. The planned projects should promote the Canton of Sarajevo as a sports destination, and the time for the implementation of the projects is March 2024 – February 2025. Those who apply for TZKS funds should provide a minimum of 20% of the amount foreseen for the entire project.

The deadline for submitting applications is April 18, and the decision on the selection of beneficiaries for co-financing will be made no later than the day of the closing of the public call, according to the documentation. The selection decision will be published on the TZKS website within five days from the day the decision was made.

You can read more about the competition conditions, application methods, as well as selection criteria  HERE .