Coffee with… Ivana Soldo: Everything you do with love will pay off

Ivana Soldo , a participant in the last season of MasterChef Croatia, left a strong impression with her culinary skills during the competition, but also last night at Kafa s…, organized by  the Institute for Youth Development KULT .

She finished the competition as one of the five best candidates and thus showed enviable culinary skills. Ivana comes from Čitluk, and she has a master’s degree in history and pedagogy. She applied to MasterChef with the desire to show her culinary abilities, which have been her passion since childhood.

During the competition, Ivana impressed the judges more than once, especially with some of her creative dishes. Also, Ivana showed her passion for sweets and stated that she can imagine herself as a pastry chef in the future. Despite the challenges she encountered during the competition, such as preparing hollandaise sauce and rastika chips, Ivana successfully overcame all obstacles.

The concept of this event was made even more interesting by the fact that Jasmin Bešić , general director of the Institute for Youth Development KULT, spoke with Ivan  . Shared interests, love for food preparation, motivation that drives them in everything and the desire to achieve new successes, made this conversation very inspiring and useful for everyone present.

The visitors had many questions for Ivana, both about her culinary skills and formal and informal education, the influence of both on her, about MasterChef, patience and ambitions.

“Everything you do with love will pay off. It is important to try again and again, not to give up if it doesn’t work right away and to work with love, to really feel what you are doing and not just do something to get it done” , said Ivana.

Ivana Soldo is an inspiring example above all to her peers, how passion and dedication can lead to great results.

The entire event can be viewed on the Facebook page of the Institute for Youth Development KULT.

We would like to thank Ivana for the conversation, motivation and great energy!