Center for Civic Cooperation: Public invitation to trade unions for the implementation of educational activities for trustees and trade union members

Together for labor rights

The Center for Civil Cooperation (CGS), Livno, implements the project “Together for Workers’ Rights” and invites interested members of the Coalition for Better Protection of Workers’ Rights, trade union organizations from Cantons 1, 7, 8 and 10 / Counties of Una-Sanska, Herzegovina-Neretva , Western Herzegovina and Herceg-Bosnia, to submit an application for the award of grants for the implementation of the education of trade union commissioners and membership of trade union organizations. The activity is supported by the Olof Palme International Center.

1. Allocation of grants (grants) for trade union organizations, goals and purpose

The purpose of the grants is to:

  1. Building workers’ trust in trade unions as a protection mechanism and motivation for the inclusion of workers in trade unions and the establishment of other trade union organizations, especially in the private sector;
    1. Building the capacity of the trade union to provide the services needed by the membership / workers through cooperation with other organizations;
    2. Provide workers and the public with sources of information on labor rights, specific labor issues and union achievements.

Support will be provided to 3 active trade union organizations that prepare the project proposal and contribute to its implementation themselves.

Grants will be awarded for the education of trade union commissioners and membership on a topic of their choice and related to  labor legislation, workers’ and trade union rights .

2. Conditions for awarding grants to trade union organizations:

  1. That the trade union organization has been registered for at least 6 months (Registration Decision);
    1. That the trade union is active (number and type of activities realized in the last two years);
    2. That the union secure its own financial contribution (and the in-kind contribution of other local actors – work, organization, logistical support, necessary material resources, etc. where possible).

Preference will be given to:

  • trade unions with a larger number of members,
  • trade unions that take care of their own membership (work program),
  • trade unions with a greater number of women and young people in their work and decision-making process,
  • unions that achieve cooperation / partnership with other unions and local NGOs (Memorandum on cooperation as proof of membership in the Coalition for Better Protection of Workers’ Rights).

3. Amount of grants and contribution

  • The maximum grant amount per supported project will be up to SEK 6,500.
  • The total funds allocated for this activity amount to SEK 26,000.

4. How to qualify for support?

Applicants must meet the following requirements to qualify for a grant:

  1. Topic for education selected with the participation of trustees and/or members of the union, project proposal prepared by the leadership of the union;
  2. Application submitted on time to CGS;
  3. Secured financial contributions from unions (and other local actors in kind, where possible);
  4. Trustees and membership actively involved in the implementation of the approved project;
  5. Approval of the application by the five-member Union Projects Commission/Committee (the Union Projects Commission/Committee will review, evaluate and select projects for grant funding);

5. Procedure for obtaining support

  1. Applications with proposals received in the prescribed time from the applicant;
  2. An official document received from the union confirming their contribution;
  3. Evaluation of requests by each member of the Commission/Committee;
  4. Joint discussion, comparison and final assessment of each application by the Commission;
  5. Compilation of the final ranking list of requests;
  6. A selection of top-ranked applications from the support list.

In case of ambiguities regarding the data contained in the application, the Commission may request additional information from the applicant.

The final list of selected project proposals will be published on the website of the Coalition for Better Protection of Labor Rights and the official website of the CGS, as well as web portals and radio stations from the area of ​​the 4 cantons/counties where the “Together for Labor Rights” project is implemented.

6. Publication of a call to trade union organizations for support

The public invitation is open from the day of publication, 07/01/2024. until 30.08.2024. years.

The invitation will be published through the local media, on the websites of the Coalition and CGS, addressed directly to the trade union organizations that are members of the Coalition.

The activities of the selected union projects should be completed by 15.12.2024. years.

The application form with the budget and more detailed information on the allocation of grants is submitted with this call and is available in the CGS and on the website of the Coalition.

All questions regarding this call should be sent to the e-mail: Selma Softić  , phone/fax: 034 202 770.

NGOs should submit the completed application form (one printed copy) and other documents required by the application (Decision on registration, confirmation of own participation in project implementation, signed Memorandum of Cooperation) by post in a sealed envelope or scanned to the above-mentioned e-mail with with the indication or subject  “Application for granting grants to trade unions”  to the address:

Center for Civic Cooperation

G. Jurkića 16 (Livnoputovi)

80101 Livno

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