Business forum of the Livan diaspora and businessmen on April 5

This year’s business forum of the Livno diaspora and businessmen of Livno “Building Livno together” will be held on April 5 in Livno.

The seventeenth consecutive forum is organized as part of the “Diaspora Invest” project, and aims to establish strong ties between the local community and the diaspora and businessmen through the creation of a database in the field of economy, investment and knowledge exchange, as well as the inclusion of the diaspora in local development.

As part of the conference program, a panel discussion entitled “How to establish successful and long-term cooperation with the diaspora” will be presented, where successful stories of cooperation between entrepreneurs from Livno and the diaspora will be presented, the main economic sectors in which one can invest, as well as the benefits offered by the City of Livno will be presented. entrepreneurs.

The grant award program from the joint fund of the City of Livno and the USAID Diaspora Invest project, whose beneficiaries can be companies connected with the diaspora, will be presented. New lines of financing, topics in the field of BiH development through the transfer of knowledge from the diaspora, innovative models of cooperation with the diaspora and institutional cooperation are also areas that will be represented at the Forum, announced the City of Livno.