A bazaar dedicated to the fight against waste in Banja Luka on Saturday, March 30

The Center for the Environment announces a new gathering and exchange during this year’s Spring Bazaar.

The bazaar is held on Saturday, March 30, in the TuIzza bar, in the Sokolski dom building in Banja Luka.

“The goal of this event is to reduce waste by extending the life of items we own and no longer need. At the same time, it serves as an occasion for gathering and socializing, during which all visitors can exchange opinions on this and other topics,” the  organizers state.

The rules of the bazaar are very simple, everyone can bring up to 10 items, be it clothes, shoes, tools, bicycle parts, or something else, put them away, and take one or more items brought by another person with them.

“The only rule is that things that are brought, but not taken in, should be returned home,”  they state. 

The bazaar is just one of the Center’s activities dedicated to the fight against waste. 

During the Bazaar, a bicycle repair and maintenance workshop will be organized, where everyone interested will be able to learn how to properly maintain their two-wheeler and thus extend its life. 

The day before, on March 29, in the premises of the Center for the Environment, a workshop will be held “Repair torn, fix torn”, where all those interested will be able to learn how to repair torn clothes, and the basics of working with a sewing machine.

“Like all Bazaars before this one, socializing and exchanging opinions and ideas are a vital part of the event, since only by connecting and building communities can we fight for positive changes. And Oridjidji, DJ and good vibes in human form will ensure a good atmosphere” , concluded the organizers. 

Anyone interested in the workshops can register on the  Facebook event  of the Center for the Environment or directly at  the address .

All workshops are free.

Source: akta.ba