BRATUNAC: “Health Path” for the development of tourism

The municipality of Bratunac covers an area of ​​293 km² in the eastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and its geographical location, numerous natural resources and long history, evidenced by archaeological finds and monuments dating back to Roman times, are ideal for the development of tourism.

The pearl of Bratunac,  the Health Trail  that connects the hilly part with the river part of the municipality, is the first tourist offer of this region. It stretches for a total length of 22.60 km, with the highest elevation being Skaradovica (680 m above sea level), passing by malinjak, and the entire part of the forest road is rich in wild forest fruits and medicinal plants such as mushrooms, wild strawberries, blackberries, mint, lovage, St. John’s wort, St. John’s wort, thyme, etc.

On the occasion of the promotion of the arranged health path and the upgraded three-kilometer leg, the Women’s Association  Maja  Kravica and the Women’s Association  Priroda  Bratunac organized on Tuesday (June 25 , 2024) hike along a path that has been upgraded and equipped with furniture for recreational activities.

The arrangement of this green tourist trail was financed by the European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina with an amount of more than 5,000 KM, as part of the wider project ” EU for local communities ” implemented by  the Center for the Promotion of Civil Society (CPCD)  with the partner organization  HELP-Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe .

The new three kilometers of the “Health Trail” are the result of cooperation in the “EU for Local Communities” project (Photo: Archive)

“This upgraded leg of the trail is a concern for the user group of citizens of the municipality of Bratunac who are not able to use the 22 km Health Trail, but want to engage in healthy lifestyle habits using a few hours outside of everyday life. The length of the track is three kilometers and we have four exercise machines installed on it in two locations. Also, this path passes through rural households that offer their products such as cheese, cream, raspberries, jam, various juices, jams, brandies and ethnic cuisine. Here, we have combined the healthy with the useful, such as health care, visibility of rural households, support for the economic empowerment of women and the development of rural tourism in the municipality of Bratunac” , said  Nada Marković , president of the Maja Kravica Women’s Association.

The walk along the Health Trail was attended by representatives of the local administration, the mayor of the municipality of Bratunac  Lazar Prodanović , representatives of the municipality of Milići, local tourist boards, civil society organizations, farmers and businessmen.

The track has been upgraded and equipped with furniture for recreational activities (Photo: Archive)

“Local communities are the most important places where the greatest number of services are provided for citizens. By improving the quality of services provided within local communities, the quality of life of citizens also improves. Therefore, any support and any intervention that affects better services, especially within small local communities, is welcome. This was precisely recognized through the “EU for local communities” project, which enabled local communities to directly realize benefits, in order to improve the quality of life of their population,”  said  Adnan Mević , manager of the EU project for local communities, putting additional emphasis on the probable potential for development of tourism and economic empowerment of the Bratunac region.