From July 1, you can drive on Croatian highways with the FBiH Highway TAG device

All users of the ACC TAG device will be able to use their TAG device from July 1st this year to drive through the network of Croatian highways with prior registration of the device at one of the toll stations. Also, the same applies to drivers from Croatia in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but they will have to have funds paid on the ACC TAG device.

Acting Executive Director for Management and Maintenance of JP Highways of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mirko Rogić, said on Wednesday that this process was launched on July 23 last year, that it was a lot of work and that a lot of patience was needed because, as he states, the story itself is very complicated. .

In addition, Croatian highways are in a very challenging period because they are introducing a new toll collection system, which is complicated, but despite that, they met us, said Rogić.

He states that the story does not end here, but that already on Tuesday they will continue to work on the improvement of this system.

– We want to provide our users with a faster, easier and safer trip – says Rogić.

He also pointed out that they started the story with the Roads of the Republic of Serbia, signed a Memorandum on joint cooperation and exchanged certain documents.

He explained that our billing system is the youngest and best in the region, so it supports all these system changes in Croatia.

– We are working to get as close as possible to that new Croatian system. We are not able to collect tolls in the area of ​​Croatian highways and vice versa, so when you arrive at the toll booth, you will format the device for the first time and two invoices will be created on that TAG device and everyone will pay to their operator. The laws are rigid, so this is the first step and currently the only possible one – explained Rogić.

He also stated that 95 percent of the revenue comes from toll collection, which amounts to 57 million KM per year.

Dario Džolo, the head of the billing service of JP Autocesta of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, said that device registration will be done at every sales office of Croatian Autocesa, and the locations are as follows: Lučko, Subscription Sales Office, Zagreb, Širolina 4, ground floor, A3 NP Bregana, A3 NP Zagreb East, A3 NP Slavonski Brod – West, A3 NP Lipovac, A5 NP Osijek, A4 NP Varaždin, A1 NP Ogulin, A1 NP Zadar East, A1 NP Dugopolje and A6 NP Rijeka.

He explained how the user will submit an identity card – natural person, company data (ID, VAT) – legal person/tradesman, car registration certificate and ACC TAG device to the sales office.

As for the payment, Jolo emphasized that it will be linked to the bank card with the ACC TAGG device and that funds will be taken from the account every time it passes.

– This will apply to our users on the network of Croatian highways, and as far as the Highways of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina are concerned, it will remain a pre-paid system – said Džolo.

He pointed out that the device is not compatible on the Bina-Istra and Zagreb-Macelj highway network in the Republic of Croatia.

Autocesta FBiH stressed that the activation of partner TAG devices of Croatian highways is possible at all toll booths of JP Autocesta FBiH, and that to activate the service in FBiH, owners of TAG devices of another manager are required to submit the following documentation to any toll booth: for natural persons filled out and a signed application form, a copy of the registration certificate and a TAG device, and for legal entities a completed and certified application form, a copy of the registration certificate, a copy of the ID number and a TAG device are required.

Other manager’s TAG devices will be programmed to the same registration tags they were initially programmed to when the device was purchased. By using the TAG device in the JP Autocesta FBiH system, the funds you have in your subscription with another manager will not be used, Autocesta FBiH pointed out.