BELLSPIRATION CLUB – Nela Banjić: We need to realize that the BIG GOAL is actually just the SUM of SMALL GOALS! (Part 1/4)

1) Dear Nela, in my opinion, you are a very special soul … But who is really Nela, what does she dream about, what does she love and what does she do? Please tell us more about introduce, so we can all get to know you.

First, I want to thank you for this opportunity and the opportunity to be part of the Bellspiration club. Who exactly is Nela?

This is a question I ask myself day by day, and it seems to me that I am getting closer and closer to that answer every day. For now, I know that Nela is a soul who likes to travel, who enjoys new experiences that life brings every day. In fact, to be quite honest, I don’t always enjoy them because some experiences are more challenging to process and adopt, but I know that every contrast brings another nicer side, it’s just important to be patient. Nela is also a physical body that strives to provide her body with beautiful and healthy stimuli, such as yoga and a healthy diet. But on the other hand, Nela knows how to enjoy balance, to sometimes accept that she is not up to yoga at the moment and that she would rather eat pizza, chips and fizzy drinks tonight. Nela, like everyone else, is searching for her non-physical self, which reminds me why I came to this world and what my mission is. In that field, meditation helps me a lot, but again Nela chooses balance and accepts that sometimes she doesn’t like meditation, but there are also moments when headphones and good music raise the vibration, and I just feel like I’m in the present. Nela is someone’s daughter, sister, girlfriend. In that field, my gratitude is greatest. And let us remember that gratitude is the most sublime emotion and the strongest statement to God/Universe. Nela dreams of working with people, of helping them in their challenges, but that they also help me with their life lessons to make me aware of certain fields within me. I love psychology, I love communication, I love awareness or the path to it. I love authenticity and I love honesty, but I like to keep some things to myself.

What does Nela do?

It seems to me that Nela entered all possible fields, stayed for a short time and left the comfort zone again. Yes, I want to add that I like to get out of the comfort zone, but sometimes I come back to it. Here I would first add that Nela’s name is not Nela, but Arnela. As in everything I find balance, so I found it in my name. Nela is a name for the artistic side of me, Arnela is for education and career. So, from an early age, Nela showed interest in drawing, music, guitar, sports, yoga, dance, choir, religion, while Arnela showed more interest in pedagogy, psychology, politics, conferences. One might think that two versions of me live in me, something like a split personality, but Nela is aware that she is Arnela. I love those two sides within me. I love that contrast. Arnela doesn’t work without Nela and vice versa. Arnela said, Nela is an emotion. Together they are invincible.

2) What is “success” by your definition and how to achieve it?

Having big goals in life is very important, but small goals give us smaller, but therefore more frequent and sweeter results. When we compare small goals with big ones, it seems to us that those small goals are so insignificant and irrelevant. This creates frustrations and often at this step people give up on their goals. What should we do? We need to realize that the BIG GOAL is actually just the SUM of SMALL GOALS, and that HAPPINESS is in achieving those small goals. Success for me means that we enjoy these little things until we reach the main goal because many times, we can hear someone say: “I thought if I got the job, I would be happy, but I’m not, what am I doing wrong?” Success is, in my opinion, enjoying the little things that lead us to our path. Not only the final destination, but also the journey.

3) Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a member of the Bellspiration Club and for sharing your experiences with us in the coming weeks and inspiring us! What are your expectations from the Bellspiration Club?

My expectation from the Bellspiration club is to present each member as he/she is and thus inspire others to nurture themselves. I also expect to meet other people from other countries and cultures and to find some similarities in that rich diversity again.

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