Allocation of funds for civic initiatives: 50,000 BAM for 21 projects in Tuzla Canton

Citizens are working on solving problems/challenges in their communities

The commission reviewed a large number of applications – support will be provided to the most innovative ideas

                The Tuzla Community Foundation will sign grant contracts with representatives of civil society organizations for the implementation of local initiatives tomorrow between 09:00h and 14:00h in the Atelier “Ismet Mujezinović”. 50,000 BAM will be provided from the I Love My City Fund for the implementation of 21 civic initiatives. This Fund is a new initiative of the Tuzla Community Foundation, within the Community Development Program, which is implemented throughout Tuzla Canton. The aim of the Fund is to encourage civic activism and support initiatives and projects that will contribute to improving living conditions in local communities in Tuzla Canton.

The Grants Commission considered 57 applications and project proposals written by associations and informal groups from the area of ​​Tuzla Canton, which were sent after the Call for Support of Civic Projects and Initiatives within the I Love My City Fund. The deadline for submission of project proposals was December 06, 2020.

Guided by the criteria and the fact that innovative projects take precedence, the Commission decided to support the best projects that meet the needs of the local community in the following areas:

    Nature conservation, care for the environment, health and climate,

    Providing opportunities for lifelong learning and non-formal education,

    Reducing inequalities and improvement of the living conditions of vulnerable and marginalized groups.

The implementation of these projects will contribute to the establishment of cooperation between the civil society, business and public sectors, and improve living conditions in communities in Tuzla Canton. If you want to talk to citizens who solve problems in their local communities through civic initiatives, you can do so tomorrow at:

recording of TV inserts: 10:45h – 11: 00h or 12:00 – 12:15h;

giving statements between 11:00h – 12:00h.

According to the epidemiological recommendations, the signing of grant contracts will be organized in two groups. Group 1: 9:00h – 11:00h, group 2: 12:00h – 14:00h.

The results of the I love my city Fund are available here:

Summaries of supported projects/initiatives are available here:

Kind regards,

Amila Čitaković,

Public Relations Associate


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