All unfulfilled New Year’s wishes found their friends

During December, the Association of Families and Friends of Children Suffering from and Cured of Leukemia and Other Malignant Diseases “PIPOL” realized the New Year’s donation program for children and young people suffering from and cured of cancer from Tuzla Canton, Brčko District and parts of Republika Srpska.

Thanks to the support of the City of Tuzla and public companies from the City of Tuzla as well as other numerous companies that value social responsibility and giving back to community, New Year’s presents, personalized calendars and fruits were provided for children and young people suffering from cancer, which were given to them at the “Drive through” New Year’s parade.

With the selfless help and support of humanitarians from BiH and abroad, the action “Every unfulfilled New Year’s wish seeks its friend” was successfully realized, within which all small and big wishes of the beneficiaries of the Association “PIPOL” found their friends, who made those wishes come true.

On Tuesday, December 29, 2020, representatives of the Association “PIPOL” visited the Clinic for Children’s Diseases of the University Medical Center Tuzla, during which they gifted mobile phones and tablets for all children hospitalized at the Department of Hematology and Oncology, which they really wanted to have, so that although separated from their family and friends, they can still be connected with others during their long-term hospital treatment.

The mobile team of the Association “PIPOL” delivered gifts to children and young people suffering from and cured of cancer who are undergoing home treatment and recovery as part of the “Every unfulfilled New Year’s wish looks for a friend” campaign, and cured children and young people received their “wishes” on New Year’s Eve at the “Drive through” New Year’s parade.

Brothers and sisters of the children ill and cured of cancer children also received New Year’s gifts, which made the New Year’s joy even greater.