Funds allocated for civic initiatives: Citizens with over 50,000 BAM will implement 21 initiatives in Tuzla Canton

Allocated funds for civic initiatives

Citizens with over 50,000 BAM will implement 21 initiatives in Tuzla Canton

The commission reviewed a large number of applications – support will be provided to the most innovative ideas that solve problems in local communities

                Today, the Tuzla Community Foundation signed grant contracts in the Atelier “Ismet Mujezinović” with representatives of civil society organizations for the implementation of local initiatives, for the improvement of living conditions in the Tuzla Canton. Over 50,000 BAM have been provided from the I Love My City Fund.

The “I LOVE MY CITY” Fund is a new initiative of the Tuzla Community Foundation, which is being implemented throughout Tuzla Canton in order to encourage civic activism and support initiatives and projects that will contribute to solving local problems.

Project coordinator Melika Mulaosmanović pointed out that the interest of citizens was great, and that the Grants Commission reviewed 57 applications received for this public call: “We gave priority to projects related to environmental protection, health and climate, non-formal education and lifelong learning, and support for marginalized groups. We believe that with these initial means we will initiate changes in local communities, especially those that are underdeveloped and neglected, and in this way work on strengthening the leadership skills of individuals and organizations. I must emphasize that with these projects we will encourage cooperation between the civil, public and business sectors. It is important for us that citizens are more active in their local communities, so that through inter-sectoral cooperation they can work on strengthening and developing their communities in order to ultimately improve the quality of life.”

A large number of applications received for this Fund is proof that active citizenship in Tuzla Canton exists, and that citizens know how to appreciate and take advantage of opportunities. The realization of these projects will encourage the participation of citizens in solving problems and cooperation with representatives of the civil, business sector and government. One of the local initiatives is the “Walk for health and clean environment” implemented by the local community Tuholj (Municipality of Kladanj).

“In cooperation with PD Miljkovac Kladanj, the Association of Žena ženi Kladanj and the Public Library Kladanj, we will clean illegal landfills in the area of ​​local community Tuholj, set up waste bins, and clearly mark tourist and cultural-historical locations in the area of ​local community Tuholj.” This initiative is just the beginning of what we want to do in order to improve the lives of all residents in Tuholj”, said the president of the Local community Tuholj Emir Karamuratović.

Small initiatives initiated by citizens in their communities are often a beginning of solving larger problems. Special attention is paid to initiatives that improve the position of marginalized groups.

 “Given that in the area of ​​Tuzla Canton there is a significant number of patients with all types of thyroid disease due to insufficient information about all possibilities of treatment and prevention of further development of the disease, we will work on educating and informing citizens about this disease,” said Fahrija Šljivić, president of the Thyroid Diseases Association “Štit”.

In 2021, the Tuzla Community Foundation will support citizens’ initiatives within this Fund through two public calls in spring and autumn.

The results of the I love my city Fund are available here:

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