Small businesses in Bosnia and Herzegovina worthy of your attention

They say it’s hard to start your own business. Also, they say it’s hard to survive in the business world. The path of an entrepreneur is difficult and uncertain. They say that i0n Bosnia and Herzegovina, nothing can survive, not even business.

However, the reality is a little different, so today small businesses are being launched as a source of additional income or simply as a way of self-employment. A large number of young people decide to take this path and use all the knowledge and potential they have and start their own business.

With a lot of knowledge, effort and work, constant improvement, monitoring and taking into consideration the demands of the market, these small businesses are certainly an example of success and the fact that everything, with dedication and desire, is possible. Although there are a large number of mini businesses that are worth mentioning, today we bring you five that, in our opinion, stand out.

From Brčko, Vogošća to Krajina and Drvar, we took a walk through Bosnia and Herzegovina and chose five mini businesses in the field of food industry that are worth your attention. If you are looking for the perfect gift or you just want to treat yourself with a high-quality home-made product, you are in the right place, keep reading.

100kić rakije

In Potočari near Brčko, Stokić family has been producing schnaps for decades. However, a few years ago, one of the youngest members of family (Vlado) modernized the production and today their schnaps is regularly available on fairs and different public events. They do not add ethyl alcohol or sugar to their plum, quince and apricot schnaps, so the quality of their product is guaranteed. This is supported by the fact that you do not have headaches or hangovers from it (believe me, the author of this text tested it 😉).


Jakub and Nerma Lepić Salkić and her sister Nermina are the founders of the Sherbetlook brand. The very name of the brand is related to our tradition, so we make products made by our grandmothers. Juices of sugar beet, rose, mint, apple, cherry, raspberry, aronia and blackberry will take you back to childhood in the blink of an eye. Also, there are pillows and teas made of dried lavender, and a hard-working team has launched different kinds of teas on the market in various combinations, so take a look!


Braško is a recently founded brand, but it is definitely worth your attention! Under this name, Nermin and Nervesa Kasupović decided to place domestic trahan, trahan with vegetables and whole wheat trahan on the market. Given that trahan in Bosanska Krajina, the area where Braško was founded, is part of the daily diet, its production for a larger market seemed like a logical step. Women older than 50 are also engaged in production, so their business is also socially responsible.

Budi zdrav ko dren

The spirit of the ancestors in the modern edition. These words could describe the business philosophy of the brand Budi zdrav ko dren, which was founded in Drvar by the Sabljić family. Namely, they used the potential of dogwood, for which this area is known, and placed products from this fruit on the market, which were prepared in the traditional way, according to the recipe of our ancestors. They also founded an association with the same name, which also deals with branding of traditional products, education and strengthening the capacity of producers. You can order whipped dogwood jam, dogwood schnaps, liqueur, ginger juice and schnaps in a premium version via web shop or buy in their shop where you can try them but also see the whole production process.

PD Klekovača

Lana Lukić and her father Milan are founders of the PD “Klekovača”. They have 120 Sana and Alpine goats on the farm. The farm in the village of Bare, near Bosanski Petrovac, produces goat’s milk, yogurt, whey, hard and semi-hard cheeses with additives such as pumpkin, garlic, almonds, chili, peanuts, olives and cheeses in olive oil. For the brave ones, there are also cheeses with the addition of cherries and dried fruit. Sounds interesting? PD “Klekovača” has its own Facebook and Instagram page where you can contact them and order their products.

And now we want to hear from you. Which home-made food products and small businesses do you know?