Call for UNFPA training on Youth & Peace: Bihać, June 24th-25th

Sign up for training for youth and peace based on the Manual for Building Peace for Young People, divided into four (4) modules: 1) intercultural dialogue; 2) hate speech; 3) understanding conflict, violence, and peace; and 4) conflict transformation

We would hereby like to encourage you to apply to a completely free and certified Youth & Peace training based on the Youth Peer Peacebuilding Manual divided into four (4) modules: 1) Intercultural dialogue, 2) Hate speech, 3) Understanding conflict, violence and Peace and 4) Conflict transformation.

This training is organized under the project “Strengthening the role of youth in promoting increased mutual understanding, constructive narrative, respect for diversity, and trust in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Kosovo[1]”.


  • To gain knowledge of key concepts related to peace, peacebuilding, conflict and conflict transformation;
  • A surrounding that fosters values, attitudes, and beliefs that support youth participation in peacebuilding, based on diversity, inclusion, and human rights;
  • Tools and techniques for analyzing, responding to and preventing conflict situations;
  • Facilitation and training skills for delivering non-formal peer education activities;
  • Sensitivity and know-how for engaging youth of diverse backgrounds and identities, including vulnerable, marginalized and hard-to-reach youth.
  • To meet likeminded peers with whom you will have a chance to discuss the possibility of improving your local communities


This round of training will be organized in Bihać, and it will be held on 24th and 25th June, 2023. The exact location and agenda will be sent to the final participants only. We hereby kindly ask you to apply via active email addresses, which you will have a chance to check in the upcoming days. You can expect your acceptance mail to be delivered to you no later than Wednesday, June 21st. 

All working materials, food, and refreshments for attendants will be provided by the UNFPA. Additionally, UNFPA will also issue certificates of attendance to all who successfully complete the training.


All B&H citizens aged 15-25 are encouraged to apply. Special attention will be given to young people coming from rural areas, women/girls, persons with disabilities, Roma, and LGBTIQ+ communities.


If you find what you have read so far interesting, we would encourage you to fill the following form: .

The final application date is June 21st, 4pm. Please note that late applications will not be taken into consideration. The final number of participants is 20.

Thank you for applying, make sure to spread the word about the training in your communities and see you soon in Bihać!

[1] All references to Kosovo shall be understood to be in the context of Security Council resolution 1244 (1999).