BELLSPIRATION CLUB – NIKOLA ĐORĐEVIĆ: The least I can do for myself is to make myself happy (Part 1/4)

1) Dear Nikola, we tie writing, poetry, art to you … But who is Nikola really, what does he dream about, what does he like and what does he do? For the readers of the Bellspiration blog, introduce yourself, so that we can all get to know you.

It depends, sometimes I am the man who would conquer the world, and sometimes a man that would stand and look at the birds in their flight, at the people while they are talking, lives that exist unrelated with my life… Since I was a kid I wanted to do great things, I wanted people to know me, I wanted to bring more joy into their life and consolation that they are not alone.  Over time, I realized that art is the language I am speaking and that is my talent and bless that I use on my path. I believe that in life talents choose us and I’m happy that writing chose me. My task was to nurture my writing and over time I realized that writing is always here for me.

I dream to live nicely doing what I love. Nothing spectacular but nothing modest as well. I think that at least what I could do for myself is to make myself happy. Because of that, I write, talk, hug people, and laugh with them.

 2) What is “Success” by your definition and how to achieve it?

 I think that is a very subjective thing. Something that is a success for me, doesn’t need to be for somebody else. For somebody else is a good career, for somebody it’s a family…  The main success for me is to make out of life something that you really want.

 3) Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a member of the Bellspiration Club and for sharing your experiences with us in the coming weeks and inspiring us! What are your expectations from the Bellspiration Club?

Thank you for your trust and opportunity to be a member of the Bellspiration club! I’m expecting that this is going to be a great association, experience and as well an opportunity for all of us to learn something new.