BELLSPIRATION CLUB – HELENA ARNAUTOVIĆ: Success is being fair and following your own path (Part 1/4)

1) Dear Helena, we tie motivation, sports, a trip around Europe to you … But who is really Helena, what does she dream about, what does she love and what does she do? For the readers of the Bellspiration blog, introduce yourself to us, so that we can all get to know you.

Thank you Belma, I would not look back on diplomas and titles because I think we are what we do every day. Therefore, I appreciate people who actively work on themselves and their goals. For myself, I would briefly say that I am a person who loves to learn, work, gain new experiences – to develop. The trip around Europe was an ideal opportunity for me (read the award), after completing my postgraduate studies, to get to know different cultures, systems, people. Each new city was a new whole of experience for me – literally. Traveling is still something I like to nurture as much as I can since I am also the mother of a four-year-old girl. ☺ She is a great teacher and a motivation for me.

Sport is still an indispensable part of my life, recreationally of course. I am a proud holder of half marathon and marathon medals. They don't say for no reason, “In a healthy body, a healthy spirit” hehe.

Health, value system, and good people are what I value most in life. I would characterize that as my lifestyle.

And lastly, I like to enjoy everything that life has to offer. The choice is ours.

2) What is “Success” by your definition and how to achieve it?

I think the definition of success can be seen from several segments. And it has changed over the years. In some general sense, for me, success is being fair and following your own path. How to accomplish this, “Master your mind and cultivate your thoughts. That’s the power we can work on. ” When you nurture a particular value system, this goes easier.

3) Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a member of the Bellspiration Club and for sharing your experiences with us in the coming weeks and inspiring us! What are your expectations from the Bellspiration Club?

It is my pleasure to be part of a team that shares different experiences and views. That is also my expectation. That is the motivation for me. Congratulations Belma and a lot of success in further development!