Young people need your vote: Vote for 98 project and business ideas! 

Time passes quickly when you’re having a good time, so time has flown by for us since we were 8.5. closed the second call in 2024: 

•  Second call: We are awarding over 100,000 KM in grants for business ideas of young people! 

•  Second call: We are awarding another 130,000 KM in grants for youth projects! 

Since then, the young people who applied have gone through  a process of mentoring and improving their applications , in order to be ready for the decisive part of the process –  THE COMMUNITY VOTE! 

‼️ VOTING ENDS UNTIL 6/4/2024. UNTIL 2 PM ‼️

Of  the 82 projects  and  40 businesses that applied for the second call,  67 projects from 16 Youth Banks  and  31 micro-businesses from 20 Youth Banks passed the vote . 


This means that right now you have the opportunity to influence  the improvement of these communities , by giving voice to your favorites and increasing the chance that they will receive  financial support for the realization of their socially responsible idea ! Each project and business should collect  a minimum of 50 votes , and if there are more ideas with over 50 votes than the amount of the fund,  those with the most votes will win .

You can find options for sharing individual projects or businesses at the top and bottom of each application, and you can also share the page of an entire community with all its projects and micro-businesses that are up for voting, and in this way you can additionally support great, young people and their ideas!  

Note: The Rolify voting process is a fair and transparent way to support young people’s ideas. Any possible abuse will be sanctioned. 

Good luck everyone!