[WEBINAR] Digital transformation tools to improve work performance of your organization

Within the Erasmus+ project Digilead (Advancement of Digital Transformation of Social Sector with the Use of Open Badges Recognition System helps nonprofit leaders realize the potential of technology), the focus was on digital transformation for leaders in non-governmental organizations.

Organizations in five European countries (France, Italy, Poland, Germany and Bosnia and Herzegovina) have made significant progress in researching technological needs and ways to implement digital transformation of NGOs in Europe.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the project was implemented by the Mozaik Foundation in cooperation with Techsoup Balkans, with a special focus on the needs of NGOs in the Balkans.

In addition to research and preparation of the methodology, trainings were held for NGO leaders, by teaching them the skills to better understand the process of digital transformation and how to approach changes in the organization.

Also, we have created a guide “Digital assessment guide” with specific solutions, a list of software and how to monitor education and progress using Open Badges. Right now, the focus is on the current online learning methods and available online tools for better and more interactive online education.

The focus is on finding quality solutions for all types of organizations, which we will be presented and shared during the webinar.

We invite you to register for the free webinar which will be held on December 2, 2020 at 11 AM. Please register using the link below and get the necessary tools to make your organization more efficient, optimize your processes. Let’s discuss together your experiences related to technology.

See you soon! Prepare your questions!


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