(Video) Social worker – 24 online: A young social worker helps people in need for free

People across the country often find themselves in a situation where they need the advice of a social worker. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, fast lifestyle, complicated living conditions or lack of financial resources, access to the services of institutions that provide this type of support is sometimes difficult. Adnan Drndić noticed this through his professional experience by a young graduate of social work, an independent consultant. Realizing that due to various circumstances people do not use the rights that they have, that many do not even know the legal provisions of law, and that some never seek professional help due to stigma, he decided to make his knowledge and professional experience available to others. He created the web page Social Worker – 24 online where, through direct counseling, he tries to help people who face various social difficulties in life, which occur due to family problems, illness, unemployment, poverty, domestic violence, addiction, etc. He has been performing all these services for free for the last 10 months and he has recorded a large number of interventions, successfully completed tasks, people are calling from all over the world. This way of service provision in the field of social work is currently unique in the region and beyond: