The Zenica-Doboj Canton’s Employment Service secured 500,000 BAM for the “Second Chance 2022” Program

The public call for the job incentive “Second Chance 2022” is open to unemployed people who are registered with the Zenica-Doboj Canton’s Employment Service, according to Anto Pesic, the director of the service.

He mentions that the Self-Employment Co-financing Program – Start up 2022 contained a public call that was publicized by the Service.

Application forms, which are available and can be downloaded from our official website, should be sent by e-mail, and only one application can be sent from one e-mail address,” said Pesic.

Prior to filing the application, the unemployed individual must be registered with the Service for at least one day. The unemployed people whose applications are determined to be legitimate will be invited to sign a contract within 60 days.

Besides being able to register a business, there is a possibility to employ one more person. For now, we have allocated about half a million BAM for this measure, but we have the possibility to increase the mentioned amount by allocating funds. We think we will reach 800,000 BAM.

Individual support is for 12 months, 500 BAM, plus 35 BAM for trade registration costs. The funds can be used to pay contributions for salary,” says Pesic.


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