The Ministry of Culture and Sports of the KS has announced a call for funds for film production

The Ministry of Culture and Sports of Sarajevo Canton has published a public call for the allocation of incentive funds for film production for 2024, the KS Protocol and Press Service announced.

The press release states that investment in cinematography represents a key strategic goal of this ministry, and the allocated incentives are intended to support the production of film works within the Sarajevo Canton. This incentive program aims to encourage creativity in filmmaking, facilitate the distribution of film productions, and create the necessary conditions for the development of professions and projects in the film industry, as well as the promotion of the cultural production and service potential of Sarajevo Canton as a production location.

Incentives, in accordance with the Regulation on the types, amount and method of use of funds from the Sarajevo Canton Budget for film production, are awarded as grants in the amount of up to 30 percent of acceptable and justified costs spent on the production of an audiovisual work on the territory of the Sarajevo Canton, incurred during the current fiscal year, in accordance with the report of the authorized auditing company.

The right to participate in the public call belongs to a legal entity registered in the Canton of Sarajevo that produces an audiovisual work in the territory of Kosovo as a producer, co-producer or for which it performs a production service or an association based in the Canton of Sarajevo that has goals and activities aimed at supporting the development of film production and audiovisual works .

The necessary documentation can be downloaded from the website of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Sarajevo Canton:, according to the announcement.