The Institute for Youth Development KULT continued presenting the Snaga lokalnog Project

The Institute for Youth Development KULT, within the Snaga lokalnog Project, has developed a tool for self-assessment of the capacity of organizations to support the development of local organizations. Representatives of the Institute initially held meetings and presented the tool in 4 local organizations, and last week the tool was presented to 4 additional organizations:

  • Association “Bistrica”, Gornji Vakuf / Uskoplje
  • Association of Citizens “Grahovo”
  • Association “Center for Peacebuilding”, Sanski Most
  • Association “Moje Nožičko”, Srbac.

Continuing with the presentations of the Snaga lokalnog Project and the resources offered to organizations through the Project, representatives of the Institute visited 4 different cities. In addition to self-assessment tools, the organizations were also presented with the plan of trainings, while the organizations presented the biggest challenges they face in their work. Organizations are at different levels of organizational capacity and, consequently, in different areas of activity, from the development of exclusively local communities to advocacy at the state level. All organizations cited insufficient capacity as the main shortcomings and recognized the Snaga lokalnog Project as a great opportunity to strengthen their capacity, but some also said they believed it would be difficult for them to actively be part of the Project due to lack of time. In addition, they mentioned other challenges such as lack of knowledge in the process of applying for projects, project management, creation and implementation of MEL plans, quality regulations and similar.

“The Association Bistrica was founded four years ago. After the establishment, our main activity was the organization of the Bistrica indoor football tournament, which is held every year. In cooperation with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, we participated in the project of cleaning the Bistrica River and local roads. Also, we have successfully developed the application Quiz BiH, which examines how well do people taking the quiz know Bosnia and Herzegovina”, said Sulejman Abazović, President of the Association Bistrica.

The association “Moje Nožičko” was also founded four years ago, while the “Center for Peacebuilding” Sanski Most and the Association of Citizens Grahovo have been active for many years. Snaga lokalnog will try to provide adequate answers to the challenges that organizations are facing at different levels of development, in order to ensure their sustainability and make it easier to fulfill their mission. The team of the Institute will continue to visit other organizations as well and listen to the needs of organizations.

Snaga lokalnog is the USAID’s global initiative for strengthening local initiatives/actions that bring citizens together, to address specific issues and make changes in their communities, cities, and ultimately make changes in their countries.