The first licenses for Euro Velo inspectors in BiH

The previous week, on April 9 and 10, testing for Euro Velo inspectors of international cycling routes was held in Brussels. In an international group of about 35 applicants, in front of the Center for the Environment, Tihomir Dakić and Dragan Kabić received licenses – the first in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The testing consisted of a written and practical part, which was preceded by joint and group solving of the most common problems faced by inspectors, as well as a practical joint exercise on the example of the Euro Velo 5 route, on the Hale-Brussels section.

Licensing of Euro Velo routes is based on the use of the ECS methodology ( European Certification Standard ), which is also applicable to other cycling routes that are not part of the Euro Velo network (such as recreational municipal or state tourist cycling routes).

Euro Velo routes are an international network of cycling routes/corridors with a length of over 92,000 km, which connect European countries with the aim of both developing cycling tourism and enabling recreational and local cycling on their sections.

From October 2023, the Center for the Environment is  the national Euro Velo coordinator for Bosnia and Herzegovina  (previously it was the national “focal point” for the development of Euro Velo routes), and the licenses for the certification of Euro Velo routes will be used in the following period for work on for the development of the Sava route as Euro Velo 18, as well as for the development of national cycling routes within Bosnia and Herzegovina.