The dm company issued a call for applications for projects to improve women’s menstrual health

dm drogerie markt has announced a call for applications for projects to improve and preserve women’s menstrual health as part of the socially responsible campaign {TOGETHER} for a better tomorrow. The call is open until July 5, 2024, and is addressed to all associations, institutions, local and regional self-government units, and non-profit legal entities (associations and foundations).

Social responsibility under the umbrella of women’s health campaign

Applications are open on the dm platform , and projects should aim to raise the level of knowledge about menstrual health, then change the perception of menstruation in the public, which means removing the stigma from menstruation and removing the feeling of shame that is often associated with it. and contribute to the reduction of menstrual poverty. Applicants can register only one project, which will be implemented on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“This year we are also dedicating our socially responsible campaign {TOGETHER} for a better tomorrow to women’s health, but this time we are focusing on menstrual health. We want to highlight and support the need for an open conversation about menstrual health. Information, access to medical services and destigmatization are key steps towards achieving this goal ,” said Ajla Hadžić, Marketing Manager at dm drogerie markt doo.

Submitted projects must comply with the Rules and conditions of project submissions published on the dm platform, and a detailed description of the project and an elaborated budget must be attached to the completed form. The company dm will select projects that will support women’s menstrual health to the greatest extent, which are sustainable in the long term, original and can have an impact on raising public awareness of the importance of improving and preserving women’s menstrual health in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Support from the company dm consists of a donation of products from the dm range, financing of services and/or procurement of necessary materials and equipment for the realization of projects, and a combination of the previous two items.

Women’s health in focus

As a reminder, the company dm already discounted Jessa hygiene products throughout the region at the beginning of the second month: In Bosnia and Herzegovina, hygienic and daily pads, tampons and washable panties of the Jessa brand were reduced by 15%. The aforementioned was an introduction to this year’s campaign, which aims to improve and preserve women’s health, and which the company recently made official with an event for media representatives, influencers and students of medicine and psychology at Kamerno Teatr 55. The campaign will be rounded off with a series of activities during the summer. One of them is the 7th dm women’s race, which will be held on June 1, 2024 in Sarajevo.