Created software for travel agencies that automates all business processes

TuristAgent is a new software for travel agencies that reduces the time spent on bureaucracy and encompasses the entire business of a travel agency. It serves as a database of all passengers, sold individual and group arrangements, either as an organizer or an intermediary.

Long-term tourism workers, Armin Gicić and Haris Zenović, founders of the Tourism Software Solutions startup, designed the aforementioned software primarily out of their own need to reduce the time they spent every day dealing with bureaucracy. That’s how they created an application that automates processes in tourism.

TuristAgent is the first complete software for travel agencies. Everything is automated in it: creating and sending announcements, receiving payments, fiscal accounts, creating vouchers, contracts, entering into the record book, daily market, shift breakdown, surveying passengers after the trip, entering into CIS and eTurist. In addition, TuristAgent has incredible statistics and a clear presentation of the agency’s work. The software also helps with the organization of sales in the following period, which leads to an increase in earnings.

Simplicity is what still characterizes the TuristAgent software. The process of creating a service at TuristAgent is designed and created in such a way that it does not require advanced knowledge and skills in the use of computers, nor does it require special equipment.

Through the Rising Starts program, Switzerland recognized and awarded the work and idea of ​​the startup Tourism Software Solutions three months ago.

The first version of the software has been used by the tourist agency Ecco for two years. Testing and development of the TuristAgent 2.0 version is underway, the demo of which will be ready at the beginning of July. Anyone interested can sign up for a free trial of the software, lasting several months.