Telemachus united the city’s football rivals in a humanitarian mission

The parent’s house in Sarajevo was recently a meeting place for the young, brave residents of this institution, members of the Heart Association for children with cancer and their families with football players from FK Sarajevo and FK Željezničar.

This fun and inspiring gathering, which was equally enjoyed by children and athletes, was organized by the company Telemach BH and the Telemach Foundation on the occasion of the renewal of the three-year contract with the aforementioned association.

“Aware of how important the presence, love, support of parents and the family environment are in the treatment process of these little heroes, we selflessly and continuously support the work of the Parents’ House since its establishment in 2016. We are glad that in the coming years we will facilitate at least one of the many challenges that these brave children and their loved ones go through. With wishes for a complete and speedy recovery, we promise them that we will always be by their side”, said Hajdi Mostić, President of the Telemach Foundation Board of Directors.

With a donation in the amount of 30,000 KM in the coming period, part of the capacity of the Parents’ House will be financed, which represents security and support for children and parents that they will be able to go through all the difficulties they face together.

Aware of the importance of the involvement of the entire society in the process of treating children suffering from cancer, Telemach strives from the beginning to expand the network of support through its sponsorships.

“From the first patronage of the “Start” apartment in the Parents’ House and the unforgettable meetings with Edin Džeko, and later with the national team basketball players, Telemach has proven that it has respectable sports partners ready to support, encourage and inspire those who really need it. Among them are Sarajevo’s biggest football clubs, FK Sarajevo and FK Željezničar, with whom we recently renewed our sponsorship contracts. The continuation of cooperation, which to mutual satisfaction has lasted for more than ten years, is marked precisely by socializing with the little residents of the Parents’ House. Football players have proven to be true friends and great ambassadors of love and support for children struggling with serious illnesses. The time spent with them is an additional incentive to nurture partnerships in the future that will bring smiles to the faces of children whose bravery is an inspiration to all of us,” said Admir Drinić, Telemach general manager.

How much do you have to train to become a top soccer player and who is the best player in the world for you, are just some of the questions of the little ones, which were patiently answered by their sports role models from the burgundy and blue team during the aforementioned meeting. They also did recreational training together, in which the city’s biggest rivals joined forces towards a common goal – children’s joy and creating unforgettable memories.

“Such events mean a lot to our residents and their parents. They provide them with strength and inspiration to fight the disease and the opportunity to forget about health challenges at least for a moment. Only true friends can give you something like that. We would like to thank Telemach and the Telemach Foundation for this pleasant association and continuous support, as well as for expanding the network of our friends,” said Fikret Kubat, director of the “Heart for Children with Cancer” Association.

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