Support for domestic agriculture: Thanks to Bing, cherries from Popovo polje throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina

Popovo polje, located in the heart of beautiful Herzegovina, is widely known for its extremely fertile land and perfect climatic conditions for agricultural production.

Cherries stand out among the most precious fruits of this region – a fruit that wins the hearts of fans throughout the region and beyond with its irresistible taste and top quality.

The mild Mediterranean climate, with plenty of sunny days throughout the year, and the rich and fertile land of Popovo polje, create an ideal environment for the growth of cherries. These cherries are fed from underground karst springs, while the surrounding hills protect them from the winds, thus providing ideal conditions for their cultivation.

The company Popovo polje AD grows more than 15 different varieties of cherries, which are known for their exceptional juiciness, sweetness and deep red color, which was recognized by the largest BiH shopping chain Bingo, which buys exactly these cherries and ensures that they find their way to tables throughout the country.

The process of growing and harvesting cherries in Popovo polje is carried out with the utmost care and dedication. Each cherry is hand-picked to ensure consumers receive only the best fruit.

Producers of cherries from Popovo polje do not hide their satisfaction that Bingo buys their fruit and point out that as their production grows, so will the placement in Bingo stores. For them, it is a great satisfaction that products from Popovo polje are sold all over our country and are available to every customer, and they believe that this is just the beginning of cooperation that also contributes to the development of the entire economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

By the way, the Bingo company has been nurturing the practice of purchasing products from farmers from all regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina for years and thus supports economic stability due to safe payments to subcontractors, as well as the placement of domestic high-quality products throughout the country.