Edis Vehabović from BiH was declared the Philanthropist of the Year in Slovenia

LJUBLJANA – Edis Vehabović, originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina, who has been living in Slovenia for many years, was declared the Philanthropist of the Year in Slovenia.

He became known to the local public for his activism during the time of the tragedy.

Namely, after the storm in July last year, he repaired the roofs for free for people who were damaged by the storm. And a little later, during the period of catastrophic floods, Edis and his team volunteered to help repair the damage.

Edis has a construction company in Slovenia, and they specialize in facade and ceramic works. This is not the first time he has helped, and he also helped in Croatia after the earthquake in Petrinja.

“We went down there for two days and helped Petrinja as much as we could. Those two days were a lot of work and we helped as much as we could. We are currently behind in our jobs, we have to do something of our own. That’s how we make agreements with people, go after our work and help people. We also go on weekends, we are here”, said Vehabović.

Minister Simon Maljevac presented the recognition for self-sacrificing work to the benefactor of the year and handed over the trademark of the campaign, a brooch with a replica of the famous bird from Ajdna, according to  Slovenian media.

The company Žito also presented Vehabović with a voucher for 100 kilograms of bread, with which the benefactor of the year will be able to help someone else in need.

In addition to Edis Vehabović, the winners of the regional selection also competed for the title. They are retired teacher and volunteer Dora Kalčič from Ilirska Bistrica, chaplain Primož Lorbek from Hajdina, pensioner Radko Luzar from Dolenje Stare vasi near Šentjernej, mountain guide and castle owner Franc Maršnjak from Velenje, volunteers Nataša Privošnik from Šempetra in Savinjska dolina and Ravnikar from Jolanda.

Source: nezavisne.com