Everything is ready for the “Sarajevo Destination Festival”, which will be held from April 25 to 27, 2024, in the Skenderija Center in Sarajevo, it was confirmed today at the press conference on the occasion of the announcement of this prestigious tourist event organized by the Tourist Board of Sarajevo Canton and the Skenderija Center , with the support of the Government and the Ministry of Economy of Sarajevo Canton.

Haris Fazlagić, president of the Sarajevo Canton Tourist Board, emphasized that it is a Festival that gathers representatives of leading travel agencies, companies and platforms for connecting tourists from 15 countries of the region, Europe and the whole world in Sarajevo.

“The idea for the festival came about after we participated in destiny road show campaigns in the world over the past few years, which inspired us to make Sarajevo a tourist center for a few days that will gather numerous participants from our country, region, Europe and the world. I can say with satisfaction that we have representatives from the following countries: Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, France, Cyprus, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia… It is important for us at the KS Tourist Board to be part of the project which makes Sarajevo a tourist gathering center, and by renting space in Skenderija, we have provided support to this business, sports and cultural center, which is of great importance,” explained Fazlagić.

Edison Pavlović, director of the Skenderija Center optimistically announced that the first Sarajevo Destination Festival could be an excellent prelude to very successful and recognizable tourist festivals that should be organized in the future.

“Sarajevo Destination Festival – for the first time in Sarajevo we have a festival of tourism, which in an improved, refined and modernized way brings together tourism workers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the region and the whole world, and together we invested a lot of effort in this challenge of organizing and realizing a we want to use festival stories like this in the best possible way” – said Pavlović.

The Destination Festival will promote the year-round tourist offer of each of the participating countries, and provide insight into the entire contents of individual destinations. In this regard, during the duration of the manifestation, individual promotions of the participating countries will be organized, through presentations, gastronomic, folklore, musical and other contents.