Reminder: The third challenge in Lonac: Create a Company page and present your business!

We have already reached the third Lonac challenge in a row! Time passes quickly when we have a good time 😊

As you probably know, we booked the end of the year for Challenge Month in Lonac. You still have time to join the race for the prize in the first two challenges 🥳🎁

And now, the reason why we are gathered here

This week’s challenge is for businessesCreate a Company page and present your business in Lonac! 💼

Using the Create menu on our website, select the Company option and fill in all the necessary information about your business. If you need help, please let us know ✍️

Here are two examples of how a completed Company page should look like:

To participate in the challenge, you need to:

  • have a completed profile in Lonac (if you already don’t have one, see how to join and fill in your profile);
  • create a Company page for your business;
  • leave a link to your Company page in the comments of this article and write one sentence about what your business needs the most at the moment, what kind of support or help.

📅 UPDATE: The deadline for this challenge is January 14, 2021. Please post the link of your company profile until the deadline. 🙂

We will reward two best Company pages (one from Serbia and one from Bosnia and Herzegovina) with a very useful gift, branding and a free promotional article or interview.

After you finish the first three challenges, join us for the fourth challenge: Share with everyone – what is something positive that happened to you in 2020?