Network for Building Peace General Assembly – New Steering Board and President of the General Assembly elected

Despite the difficult events that have significantly affected the Network’s work in the past year – the death of its founder Goran Bubalo and the health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic – the Network for Building Peace continues its activities and projects aimed at strengthening civil society in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In order to strengthen internal organizational capacities, the Network conducted the process of electing new members and management of the Management Board, as well as the election of the President of the General Assembly.

The Commission for the Election of Members of the Management Board elected five new members, and the General Assembly confirmed their appointment:

  • Gordana Bulić (Tuzla)
  • Nerdžis Čaplja, Muharem Berbić Foundation (Visoko / Sarajevo)
  • Dženana Dedić, Local Democracy Agency (Mostar)
  • Anja Haverić (Sarajevo)
  • Aleksandar Žolja, Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Banja Luka (Banja Luka)

Aleksandar Žolja was elected President and Nerdžis Čaplja was elected Vice President of the Management Board.

Maksuma Topalović, representative of the UG Alternative Kakanj, was appointed President of the General Assembly.

The Report on the activities of the Network for Building Peace for 2020 was presented at the meeting, as well as the new Statute of the Network.

After the harmonization of official documents and formal processes, the date for the next meeting of the General Assembly was agreed, where the operational work plans for 2021 will be discussed.

List of the General Assembly participants:

1. Abida Pehlić, Association “Novi put”

2. Adnan Mervić, Foundation Muharem Berbić

3. Aleksandar Bundalo, UG “Nešto više”

4. Aleksandar Žolja, Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Banja Luka

5. Anja Haverić, candidate for a membership in the Steering Board of the Network for Building Peace

6. Azra Pita Parente, Foundation for Cultural, Social and Educational Development in BiH Publika

7. Damir Šačiragić, Words of Peace of BiH and the Association “Rosen Method Center”

8. Dženana Dedić, Local Democracy Agency Mostar

9. Enisa Raković, Association “Glas žene” Bihać

10. Jasmin Jašarević, PRONI Center for Youth Development Brčko

11. Maksuma Topalović, UG Alternative Kakanj

12. Michele Parente, Forum ZDF

13. Seida Sarić, Association Women for Women International

14. Randall Puljek-Shank, Peace Academy

Board of Directors – list of participants:

1. Gordana Bulić

2. Anja Haverić

3. Nerdžis Čaplja

The Network for Building Peace staff – list of participants:

1. Nataša Maksimović, President of the Network for Building Peace

2. Snježana Ivandić Ninković

3. Maida Zagorac

4. Marinela Domančić

5. Minel Abaz

6. Mirjana Ribić

7. Elma Demir

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