Providing help to elementary schools during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Tuzla Community Foundation continues its Solidarity Against the Coronavirus campaign, this time with the support of the German Embassy in BiH. Distribution of 1700 liters of disinfectants for surfaces and hands, 8500 washable two-layer cotton protective masks for children, 8000 disposable three-layer surgical masks and 21 infrared non-contact thermometers is still ongoing. This valuable donation will be distributed to 24 schools in Tuzla Canton and the Center for Early Intervention “Mali svijet/Little World”.

Elementary School Pasci is one of many whose students and employees have received significant assistance through this project. Elvir Fejzić, the principal of this school, is grateful for the donation and all provided assistance, emphasizing that any help is more than welcome, especially if the donation is in the form of masks for children, which can be washed, i.e. adequately sterilized.

Although the users of the Center are not obliged to wear masks, the president of the association “Mali svijet” Amra Fatušić, says that this donation in the form of disinfectants for surfaces and hands is very important for 110 children who spend their time at the Center every day. This vulnerable group of children is protected by the employees with adequate disinfection of the center.

German Ambassador to BiH Margret Webber, during the signing of the contract with the Tuzla Community Foundation, said that she was satisfied with the prompt implementation of the activity, which was organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Tuzla Canton. The total value of the donation is 10,000 euros.