Porsche BH held a workshop for students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Traffic in Sarajevo

A one-day workshop was held in the premises of the Porsche BH Training Center in Rajlovac, which was attended by 13 students from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Traffic, UNSA. Assistants and mentors of the present students also attended the workshop.

In front of the Porsche BH company and the Aftersales department, the workshop was held by technical training specialists Aldin Sinan and Jasmin Lučkin, who brought the topic of Diesel engines closer in an interactive way.

“The faculty’s cooperation with our company will enable students, as well as teaching staff, to learn about contemporary trends in the automotive industry in an adequate way, and get the opportunity to improve their work methodology in their academic advancement. Also, in this way, we will provide students with a kind of preparation for work training, and bring them closer to the standards and processes in the real sector” , said lecturer Aldin Sinan, technical trainer at the company Porsche BH.

Students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Sarajevo, Department of Engines and Vehicles, study trends in the development of modern internal combustion engines as part of regular classes. The problems of the educational system are partly reflected in the lack of modern aids, which would enable students to demonstrate the acquired theoretical knowledge in a practical way.

Thanks to companies such as Porsche BH, which helps with its material and human resources, students have the opportunity to adopt practical approaches to professional maintenance of modern systems such as the internal combustion engine.

During the workshop, the students were introduced to the topic of modern diesel engines used in the Volkswagen Group, and had the opportunity to work on disassembling the components of a diesel engine and to familiarize themselves with its components. Throughout the entire engine disassembly process, they had the support of mentors and staff from Porsche BH who shared their experience with us. This was an exceptional opportunity for students to gain practical knowledge on the basis of the theory they work on during classes.

In addition, coach Aldin Sinan used the opportunity to vividly remind all students about engine construction and the specifics of individual parts with examples from practice.

“I hope that our cooperation will be extended to other thematic units for which the company Porsche BH can certainly provide top professional support”,  said Almir Blažević, assistant at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Sarajevo.

“This workshop has exceptional value for students where students have gained additional knowledge about technical specifications and engine maintenance, which is a great contribution for students to advance in their careers. This workshop represents the initial capsule of our cooperation with Porsche BH, which will develop more and more in the future” , said the Vice-Dean for Scientific Research Assoc. Ph.D. Ahmed Ahmić.

At the end of the workshop, a prize quiz was organized through the Kahoot application, where the attendees could check the knowledge they had acquired that day as well as general knowledge about Porsche BH and new developments in the company.

The most successful students were awarded with symbolic prizes provided by the After-sales sector, and the students were visibly satisfied with successfully completing this segment of education and highly rated the seminar.

Source: akta.ba