Participate at an online gathering of mothers – entrepreneurs from the region

On March 8, Teta Pričalica d.o.o., INNOVATE Business Consulting & Marketing Agency with the support of the Startup studio invite you to a different kind of (online) gathering! And no, that’s not a euphemism for something else. It is intended for anyone who wants to discuss the different roles that women have.

Whether women are housewives, partners, scientists, wives, daughters, friends, activists… at least one, and most often all roles come into question when the roles of mothers and entrepreneurs are added to them. Lidija Sejdinović, director and co-owner of the (soon regional) brand Teta Pričalica and Alma Mušić, an expert in the field of business development, marketing and communications, and recently the owner of the Innovate agency, met as two entrepreneurs and connected as two mothers who became friends. That is how the initiative on socializing was created, which very quickly won the sympathy of three other mothers-entrepreneurs from the region.

Their motivation and inspiration was brilliantly described by Alma, speaking from personal experience that is certainly very interesting and unique.

At the same time, I became a mother and an entrepreneur, at an age that you think nothing can surprise you anymore… The feeling when I first saw my baby, after a deep anesthesia, with bloody marks on her body, painful movements, in the hallway in a wheelchair – is the most beautiful feeling I have ever experienced! It was a huge, pure love at first sight, with a spontaneous promise that because of her, my Naja, I will try to be even better in all my roles – as a woman, mother, daughter, friend, and even a business woman. Sometime later, as the universe puts it together, the first business opportunities began to appear, along with the first teeth! Constant fatigue, guilt, constant racing and the feeling that I was always late or not doing something followed that period. My two babies (Naja and the agency), each of them sought my attention, every atom of strength, while time for me, my partner, friends and family was almost non-existent. And again, my good fellow universe surrounds me with fantastic women – mothers/entrepreneurs from whom I learned a lot. The turning point was during the online education that I did together with Bojan and Lidija. At one point, Naja woke up and cried, I quickly clicked “mute”, keeping a serious expression on my face. It lasted a few minutes until Lydia said, “Alma, take your baby!” I realized: “I am a mom! I am an entrepreneur! And that’s perfectly fine!” Then the idea was born, the desire to share all these experiences, advice, good and bad moments with more women, to encourage them, support them, encourage them to be everything they want to be – moms, entrepreneurs, housewives, whatever they want because they can and that’s totally fine!

Is there a better date for this kind of gathering then March 8, during the coronavirus pandemic?! I promised this to Naja, I have to … In a few years, she will ask me: “And what did you do during the pandemic?”

The following guests will share their experiences:

Nikolina Topić (Croatia) – CEO and Innovation design manager (Prokotip)

Barbara Slade Jagodić (Croatia) – Business owner, owner of the SLADE

Bojana Vuković (Serbia) – Franchise Business Specialist

Alma Mušić (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – Owner and director of INNOVATE Business Consulting & Marketing Agency

Lidija Sejdinović (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – Co-owner and director of social business Teta pričaalica d.o.o.

You will have the opportunity to get to know them better in the coming days, on our FB and IG profile.

Fill out the application form below and join us on March 8 at 6pm!