NEW PARTNER IN LONAC COMMUNITY: Faculty of Economics, University of Mostar

Partners from the academic community are a key link in community, because through such partnerships we open opportunities for young people in the field of education, professional development, scholarships, connections and participation in scientific and research work.

After the meeting in Mostar in May of this year with the dean of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Mostar, Prof. Ph.D. Igor Zivka was followed by a return visit to the Startup Studio in Sarajevo and a meeting with representatives of the Mozaik Foundation. The meeting was used to sign the already agreed agreement on cooperation between the Faculty of Economics and Mozaik Foundation and initiate new ideas of cooperation in the field of entrepreneurship of young people in Mostar and beyond, considering that the students of this faculty are young people from different parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

And who is our new partner?

The Faculty of Economics of the University of Mostar began its work more than 50 years ago as the Department of the Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo. Since 1976 it has been working as an independent faculty.

The faculty operates as part of the University of Mostar, establishes and conducts university and professional studies in the first cycle, university studies in the second cycle and postgraduate doctoral studies in the third educational cycle, and performs scientific and highly specialized work in the field of economics. In accordance with the process of transforming higher education according to the principles of the Bologna Declaration, the Faculty adopted a new curriculum that has been in effect since 2005/2006 academic year. In addition to Mostar, classes are organized and conducted in Vitez (first and second cycle) and Orašje Centers (first cycle).