Nada’s perfume adventure

Nada has become widely known for her creativity, and every product is a fragrant story.

Nada Šarić from Rakitno near Posušje turned her hobby into a job that was recognized by true lovers of quality and beautiful combinations of floral notes.

This is Nada’s world of perfume.

Can you briefly introduce yourself and your business?

My job developed from a hobby. I deal with natural perfumery, which is unique in that I extract or obtain most of the components for perfumes through “enfleurage” processes, steam distillation and tinctures.

The world of perfumes, sounds like an exciting, beautiful and fragrant job. Is that true?

Starting natural perfumery is my life adventure, in which I put a lot of work and love. When I discovered the existence of natural perfumery in 2012, and already had knowledge about our herbs, I started learning extractions. Then I came to a business temptation, namely the discovery of the narcissus enfleurage which attracted the world’s natural perfumers who were interested in buying raw materials. I’m grateful that I wasn’t ready for serious/mass production at the time, because I still had a lot to learn.

To combine fragrances, it is necessary to have a sense for that as well as knowledge? Which of these two segments help you create products?

To create a good perfume, you need to have both knowledge and sense for fragrances. So, I decided to invest in both, to gain knowledge and refine my senses. My friends introduced me with Slobodanka Poštić who organizes courses in making of natural perfumes. The first course was crucial because it determines the ability of the nose to differentiate and whether I have that gift. Thank God I have. After that, learning begins, getting to know fragrant oils, the action of oils and other components in perfume.

Can you tell us what your favorite flower combination is and how it is created?

My favorite floral combination was an oil perfume with absolute iris pallid, rose, daffodil and jasmine. A floral powdery treasure created by selecting fragrant components, mixing them and choosing the drops in which they are combined.

What was your first perfume you made?

My first perfume was created by having something of my own, something borrowed and something gifted. It is composed of an enfluage of narcissus extraction, which is my first fragrant raw material, then it has vanilla absolute – which I got from a friend, while the third component, which merged everything into one, I got from my brother as a souvenir from India.

It was one perfect experience, the excitement indescribable because – I made a perfume!

How much are products like yours recognized and popular with domestic customers and can you place your products outside the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina?

The real excitement comes in parallel with the numerous reactions to the perfume, and one of them is the comment of a woman who, after smelling a combination of fragrances, said “I’m not asking for the price, this is mine”. The perfection she was looking for in Paris she found in Rakitno.

On the path of perfumers, a multitude of products were born. Studying the ingredients, I discovered various ways of use, the action of essential oils and their application in various preparations. So, I discovered that immortelle in perfume has the role of fixative and also in creams, balms and serums. Its application is for immortal beauty, lessen the appearance of wrinkles and gives the skin fullness. The product I want to place outside BiH is a unique mountain fragrances perfumes that would provide nature lovers with a completely new and different experience.

Author: Tanja Cerić