MI-BOSPO supported the Safe House of the “Medica” Association from Zenica

  is aimed at empowering women, as well as providing support to women in various ways. Supporting projects and initiatives that ultimately have multiple benefits for women is also a form of support by which MI-BOSPO contributes to their well-being.

Leading with the plan from the domain of social responsibility for this year, MI-BOSPO continues to provide support to safe houses in Bosnia and Herzegovina, so this time they supported the Safe House of the Association “Medica” Zenica.

 “Medica” Zenica is a specialized women’s, non-governmental, organization that has been operating for over three decades in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and with its existence it strives to respond to the needs of the most vulnerable categories of society, women and children, victims of various forms of violence. In its many years of work, “Medica” Zenica has developed an approach that is comprehensive, in accordance with the individual needs of its users, nurturing feminist principles and international standards.

In a conversation with the director of the safe house, Mrs. Sabiha Husić, we received information that they need to purchase materials for occupational therapy for women and children who are cared for in this safe house. Taking into account their needs, we were very happy to respond to the invitation and make our contribution.

“Thank you to MI-BOSPO for showing its social responsibility towards the women and children cared for in the Safe House “Medica” Zenica in this way, with a donation, and especially with a visit. Violence against women and children is on the rise, which we see in the number of treated cases in our safe house. Their homes have become unsafe and violent for them. By visiting the safe house, you showed your solidarity and care, and sent your voice that it is necessary to provide support, protection and empower women for a dignified life. Thank you for years of empowering women to recognize their strengths, and thus to empower themselves economically. An economically empowered woman will more easily say STOP to violence and speak up to help herself and her children.”  – said Sabiha Husić, director of “Medica” Zenica.

“Medica” Zenica was founded in 1993, and last year it marked its great jubilee, 30 years of existence. Through various types of services, such as psychological counseling, SOS telephone, occupational therapy, they contribute to the recovery of women and children, which lead to their strengthening and economic empowerment. In addition, they are the initiators of numerous projects concerning vulnerable categories of society, and advocacy for their well-being.

Being part of the community, projects that are initiated within the community, is an important segment of MI-BOSPO. In fact, this is the determination by which MI-BOSPO wants to be a part of socially useful activities, especially those activities that concern women and their general good.

MI-BOSPO wishes safety and good health to the residents of this safe house, and to the management and employees of this institution to continue to promote a better and safer future with their support programs and efforts, thus representing a refuge for all those who need their help.

MI-BOSPO, inspired by your success!

Source: akta.ba