Mahir is the only student in his school, but thanks to his peers from Elementary School Malta, he had a friend from the bench yesterday

Seven-year-old boy Mahir Behlulović is the only student in the district school in the village of Petrovići, which is about 20 kilometers from Olov. However, thanks to the good will of the teacher and students of the Sarajevo primary school Malta, he spent yesterday a little differently.

Mahir attends the second grade, is diligent, communicative and eager for knowledge, and has a special love for books. However, he spends his boyhood days alone in the school desk, considering that he is the only student of teacher Samir Kopić.

Therefore, the teacher of Malta Primary School in Sarajevo, Aida Redžep, together with the collective school and her students, made an effort for Mahir and teacher Samir to spend at least one day in a different environment.

Today, Mahir was a guest at Malta Primary School, together with his peers he tested his knowledge of the Bosnian language, socialized and felt the charm of school days when he shares a desk with someone else. However, his story must by no means have a sad note, but should only serve as an example of the nobility of the teaching profession and that no school should be closed as long as there is one child who needs education, which teacher Aida confirmed to us.

“First, I would like to praise my colleague Samir because working with one student is a big challenge. We in Sarajevo Canton often have a small number of students in culture, religion, or some other subjects, so we face challenges in how to keep the children’s attention for those 45 minutes. Working the whole school year is a big challenge, but at the same time it speaks of the nobility of our calling and the fact that the school must exist as long as there is one child who needs education,” she says.

Teacher Samir also agreed that it was a kind of challenge, but he said that he also dissuaded himself.

“Before, I worked with about 20 students, 30, and the time has come to do what I have never done – work with one student. It is a big challenge, how will I endure, will he be able to endure 45 minutes, however, when I came I first convinced myself and I saw that Mahir is a communicative child, eager for knowledge. We started together from the beginning and maybe that’s why it’s interesting for both of us,” says the teacher

He adds that their classes are not like others’ classes, they are specific and they work until they get tired.

About how Mahir welcomed the visit to the Sarajevo school, the teacher reveals that he was a little nervous, but that all passed when he joined his peers in class.

That today was a special experience was also confirmed by Mahir, who we didn’t want to disturb too much in socializing and learning with the other students.