Large conference on the solar industry on February 9 and 10 in Banja Luka

BANJALUKA – “Balkan Solar Summit” will be held on February 9 and 10, 2023 in Banja Luka, in Banski dvor and will bring together key actors from the solar industry and energy, who will talk about the most current topics – from legal procedures to the advantages of investing in solar power plants.

Representatives of the economic sector, businesses and local communities have the opportunity to exchange experiences in one place and hear useful information about the latest achievements and trends in the solar industry, technological innovations, and connect with renowned manufacturers, distributors, investors and representatives of the electricity market.

What does the regulation say when it comes to solar energy, how from the first megawatt to earnings, what are the trends in the region and the world, everything about the design and construction of solar power plants, are just some of the interesting topics that the participants will hear during the panels and lectures.

In the exhibition part of the conference, interested parties will be able to view the latest solar solutions.

“Balkan Solar Summit” is also an excellent opportunity for B2B meetings and establishing contacts with new partners and clients.

Siniša Maksimović, director of ETMAX, the general sponsor of the “Balkan Solar Summit”, points out that organizing the summit is very important, because achievements will be presented, challenges in the sector and further development directions will be discussed.

“It is important that such thematic events are organized and bring together relevant interlocutors, which will surely be useful for all participants, because it is an industry that is expanding and for which we have significant competitive advantages. ETMAX designed and built the most solar power plants in BiH, so I can say that we contributed to the development and established capacities we have today,” says Maksimović.

He believes that the generation of electricity from solar energy is in focus for a reason, because it is a technology that is in line with sustainable development, good practices, and in addition to economic justification, it is important to emphasize that there are no negative impacts on the environment.

“The profitability of investments is long-term, especially in a situation where the price of electricity is becoming an increasingly important factor, both in the business segment and in the household segment. “Investments in renewable energy sources, more specifically in the design and construction of photovoltaic systems, as well as the monitoring and application of new technologies are the solution to many challenges that we have and are facing today,” says the director of ETMAX.

“Balkan Solar Summit” is organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Everyone who wants to be part of this conference can visit the website   and reserve their place in time.