Humanitarians from Buk: Visiting a family in Šošnje near Visoko

Another in a series of humanitarian aid was implemented by young, humane people from Buk. This time they visited a seven-member family that survives in Šošnje near Visoko. An unemployed father, a mentally ill mother and three children live in very poor conditions, while four children are currently placed in a home for neglected children. Old house, dilapidated and in poor condition.

“Immense sadness, children eager for everything, what touches us the most. Desperate parents, at the edge of strength and patience, waited for help longingly and painfully. Activists visited this family in 2020, their situation is now even more difficult. Today they were welcomed with a refrigerator and a package of food. Wherever humanitarians go, they go with outstretched hands, they want to dispel the sadness of needy people at least for a while and bring joy back to children’s faces. Good people, let’s move on, a new day is a new day, because whoever fears Allah knows what this effort and work is for,” said the Humanitarians from Buka.