Join us at the “Healing Balkans: Healing is Possible” conference in Sarajevo!

Date : 28.5.2024. Location
 : European House of Culture and National Minorities

The ” Healing is Possible ” conference offers a unique opportunity for health professionals, students and anyone interested in this topic to join an inspiring dialogue and connect with leading experts and learn about new therapies and treatments.

What to expect?
Healing Balkans invites you to join this important event, which will take place on  May 28, 2024  in Sarajevo. Leading experts and researchers from all over the world will speak at the conference. Keynote speakers include  Rick Doblin , founder of MAPS,  Marcelo Ot’alora  and  Bruce Poulter , who will focus on the definitions and treatments of MDMA-assisted trauma therapy. In addition to them,  Dr. Marija Franka Žuljević ,  prof. Tanja Dujić  and  others. Elvir Bećirović ,  Aida Mysan , president of the board of the Institute for Somatic Experiencing in the USA. A special guest will be Mario Zulić from Unpopular Psychology, who will share the results of his research on the psychedelic experience.

Multi-day education
After the conference,  from May 29 to June 6,  a multi-day education on MDMA-assisted therapy, which has shown remarkable results in patients with complex PTSD, will be organized. This training offers in-depth insight into the clinical application of psychedelics, with an emphasis on practical skills for therapists who wish to integrate these methods into their practice. Through interactive workshops, participants will learn about safety protocols, therapeutic techniques and the scientific basis of this therapy.

How to apply?
Participation in the conference and training is only possible live. You can buy your tickets for the conference through the Entrio system, at affordable prices from 20 to 60 KM (from 10 to 30 €). The conference and education are organized separately, so you must register separately for participation.

You can buy tickets for the conference  here !
See you in Sarajevo!

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Who can attend the conference? Anyone interested in the treatment of PTSD and trauma, including health professionals, researchers, students and the general public.
2. How can I apply? Register via the given links for the conference and education.
3. Are the conference and education paid for separately? Yes, you register and pay for each activity separately. Education is already filled for this cycle.

For more information about the conference and how to register, visit  Healing Balkans.