Jasmin Bešić and Jan de Jong: About previous experiences, digital nomadism and motivation

Director General of the Institute for Youth Development KULT  Jasmin Bešić  met with  Jan de Jong  from the Association of Digital Nomads in Croatia.

The purpose of the meeting was to exchange experiences and information about past and current projects they are working on, but also about the current position of young people and the state of the business sector in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Jan’s journey, from leaving his native Netherlands to building a successful career and family life in Croatia, is very inspiring and motivating. Jan de Jong is the driving force behind the idea of ​​digital nomadism in Croatia and the region, which significantly affects the economy and tourism of every country that accepts this idea. The company he currently works for, Webpower Adria, offers fantastic solutions for digital marketing.

Croatia was among the first countries in the European Union to open its doors to digital nomads, just behind Estonia. The amendments to the Law on Aliens, which came into force on January 1, 2021, introduced the term  “digital nomad”  and regulated their status. The initiative to introduce digital visas was initiated by Jan de Jong.

Jasmin Bešić and Jan de Jong also discussed challenges such as complex bureaucratic procedures in both countries and the lack of a clear strategic vision of the government, especially when it comes to retaining young people and their families.

Despite the mentioned challenges, the meeting resulted in a joint recognition of the opportunities that Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina offer to young people.

From this meeting comes the message of the general director of the Institute for Youth Development KULT to young people – to explore what digital nomads have to offer and to join the joint launch of the story of digital nomads in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Source: mladi.org