– Apply for grant support

In accordance with the available funds “Trezor bh. inovacija” announces a public call for applications for support in the form of grants and engagement of a patent attorney.

Trezor bh. inovacija is a project implemented by the Civil Society Promotion Center, and financially supported by the Islamic Development Bank.

The aim of this project is to guide young people through the process of innovation, encourage them to explore opportunities and empower them to discover new ways to improve community life.

The project plans to award 4 types of grants:

  1. Consensus Patent Grant (GKP)
  2. Full Patent Examination Grant (GPI)
  3. Grant for International Protection – PCT (GPCT)
  4. Grant for testing and prototyping (GTKP)

and support in the form of expert service (ES) in the patenting process (engagement of a patent attorney).

Overview of the amount of grants and the number of grants to be awarded:

Consensus Patent Grant (GKP)$ 24018
Full Patent Examination Grant (GPI)$ 1,12012
PCT International Protection Grant (Gpct)$ 2,4007
Grant for Prototyping (GTKP)$ 2,00010
expert service (patent attorney)$ 50030

Necessary documentation for application

The format of the call for proposals consists of:

The deadline for applications and submission of documentation is March 2, 2021 until 13:00.

The text of the public call is available HERE.