In the Rolify community, win free registration for the conference for female entrepreneurs: “EU, are you ready for tomorrow?”

PLACE:  HUB 387 – 387 Academy/3 floor

DATE:  16.5.2024. year from 09:00 to 14:00 hours

Below, find out more about the excellent conference for entrepreneurs, which is being held in Sarajevo. If the agenda seems interesting to you, leave a comment below why it would mean you to attend such a conference, and  the Rolify community will provide five free registration fees ! We announce the winners on 14.5. at 3 p.m.

Amid the ongoing discussions about Bosnia and Herzegovina’s potential accession to the European Union, there is a key narrative that often remains in the shadows:  the extraordinary stories of Bosnian entrepreneurs who exemplify the principles and standards supported by the EU.

These entrepreneurs, through their innovative ventures and adherence to EU norms, offer insight into the future of the private sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Recognizing the transformative power of EU standards, there is an increasing emphasis on presenting successful companies that are aligned with European trends. By highlighting their achievements, we can not only be proud of their success, but also demonstrate the tangible benefits of integrating EU practices into our operations.

With a diverse lineup of speakers ranging from fledgling startups to well-established companies, the conference aims to capture the essence of resilience, adaptability and forward thinking that define BiH entrepreneurship.  By bringing together these different experiences, the event seeks to inspire and empower participants to embrace the challenges and opportunities presented by European integration.  You will have the opportunity to hear:

The conference in Sarajevo, specially tailored for female entrepreneurs, is set as a key platform for learning, networking and advancement. Regardless of your level of experience in entrepreneurship, this conference offers a range of insights, connections and opportunities for growth.

The goal is clear: to foster a culture of innovation, inclusiveness and progress within the business community of Bosnia and Herzegovina, laying the foundations for a prosperous future aligned with European standards and values.

For the detailed agenda of the conference, we invite you to visit  this link , if you want to know more about the planned event and schedule of activities. The conference will be opened by  Ivana Matić  and  Vanja Spaho  on behalf of  Women in Adria BiH , which organizes the event.