In 2023, the Municipality of Centar allocates 2,272,700 KM for education

Even though this is not within its jurisdiction, the Municipality of Centar Sarajevo this year also allocated significant financial resources from its budget for the improvement of the educational process and the improvement of living and working conditions in pre-school institutions, primary and secondary schools and colleges, as well as for student scholarships. , the organization of school competitions in knowledge, cultural and sports activities…

Thus, in the municipal budget for 2023, over  2,272,700 convertible marks were allocated  to support education.

Within these funds,  712,700 marks were allocated  for the awarding of municipal scholarships to “Prof. Ph.D. Husein Kulenović” to high school and university students. An amount of  50,000 marks  has been allocated to support young successful individuals, winners of the highest honors and awards. 280,000 KM has been set aside for free transportation of primary school students who live at a greater distance from the school, and where there are no appropriate public transport lines established or public city transport does not run regularly  ,  and  35,000 KM  for the transport of students with developmental disabilities and their companions .

In the budget of the Municipality of Centar for the year 2023,  70,000 marks have been provided  for the purchase of school snacks for elementary school students whose families have a weaker financial situation.

KM 770,000 was allocated to improve the working conditions and equipment of preschool institutions, primary and secondary schools, and higher education institutions  . Of the mentioned funds,  450,000 KM  is planned for improving the conditionality of the facilities of educational institutions according to the requirements. An amount of  150,000 marks  was allocated for the reconstruction of the boiler room at the “Musa Ćazim Ćatić” Elementary School. An amount of 50,000 marks was provided for the co-financing of the reconstruction of the boiler room at the Elementary School “Mehmed-beg Kapetanović Ljubušak”  . 70,000 marks  were allocated for the project of exterior decoration of the Slavuj and Višnjik kindergartens  , while  50,000 marks were allocated for the co-financing of the rehabilitation of the kindergarten in Šip .

At the beginning of each school year, the Municipality presents first-graders with school bags, accessories and textbooks, for which  170,000 KM has been allocated.  In addition,  KM 30,000 was allocated  for the project of co-financing the costs of part-time education, retraining and retraining of unemployed persons.

In this year, the Municipality of Centar provided  30,000 KM  for the construction of the preschool institution Playful Days, and  10,000 marks  for the construction of an object for a school in nature in the locality of Mrkovići.

An amount of  15,000 marks  was provided for equipping libraries in public institutions, and  10,000 marks  was allocated to support the professional development of primary and secondary school managers and the celebration of Teacher’s Day.

In order to encourage the best possible results in knowledge from certain teaching subjects (mathematics, physics, geography, informatics, technology and cultural and artistic creativity), the municipality provided  25,000 KM  for organizing competitions for elementary school students from the mentioned areas, and  15,000 KM  for buying tickets for students. elementary schools for theatrical performances.

20,000 marks were set aside to support the projects of preschool institutions, primary schools, secondary schools and higher education institutions for ongoing projects and activities  . 20,000 marks were also set aside   to cover the costs of excursions for children with a weaker financial condition, and  5,000 KM  for ecological sections of elementary schools.