She started making toys for her son with developmental disabilities, and today she has her own small business

Sabina is the owner of “CNC Art” where she makes interesting toys. The wife and mother of two boys started making toys out of love for her children.

“Let’s make something beautiful without spending any money”,  is a sentence that has followed Sabina Mehmedinović from Zenica since childhood. That’s how she came to love with her dad that, as he says,  “make something out of nothing” . She was always creative and that helped her in the work she does today.

Namely, Sabina is the owner of “CNC Art” where she makes interesting toys. The wife and mother of two boys started making toys out of love for her children.

“CNC art was born out of love and then necessity. When we noticed that our older son had developmental difficulties, we tried to get the best and highest quality toys for him. However, it was not always affordable,”  Sabina told

Then her husband came up with the idea to get the first CNC machine. With his knowledge and her creativity, they realized that they could create miracles. They did it really quickly.

“We first started making toys for our son. With the great support of family and friends, we quickly went one step further. Orders started coming in,”  he recalls.


She left her government job

Two years ago, she did something that is still rare in our country. She left the state-owned company where she worked. She allowed creativity to come to the fore. She devoted herself to her family and their small business.

He says that the decision was not easy and adds:

“Everything is a risk and an adventure, but I like adventures”.


Sabina Mehmedinović

Embarking on this adventure, she got a wind at her back that she didn’t expect. Foundations began to order from her, as well as large companies.

So, in addition to the production of games and toys for children, she also started making other decorations for households.

“We actually fulfill all wishes that are in our power”,  he emphasizes with a smile.

It is enough for the customer to send a picture of the desired product and CNC art will make it. In addition to products according to the customer’s wishes, we also offer permanent products. Their best-selling products are dollhouses, toy garages and toy truck shelves.


New products on the market soon

She used the beginning of this year to come up with new educational materials. It also dedicated itself to the improvement of the existing ones. They plan to put them on the market soon.

“Through our work, we want to make it easier, above all, for children with difficulties, parents and experts. We are always here for support. In addition, we want all our children to learn through fun and play. It is the most fun way of learning,”  said Sabina.

Sabina’s work and efforts were recognized and supported by the IMPAKT Foundation through the incubator of business ideas. Her idea was one of 10 business ventures that were presented at last year’s “Welcome to the Future” event.