I donate to the community I love: Philanthropic evening with Maya Sar & Nermin Puskar gathered over 200 humanists from the Tuzla region

Organized by the Tuzla Community Foundation, a unique cultural event was held last night in Tuzla, the Philanthropic Evening with Maya Sar & Nermin Puskar – I donate to the community I love. With the presence of over 200 philanthropists and representatives of socially responsible companies, the program of the evening was opened with the exhibition “Philanthropists of the Tuzla region” under the auspices of the Museum of Eastern Bosnia Tuzla, and the promotion of the monograph. The most prominent individuals and companies who donated their time, knowledge and money for the benefit of the community during the evening were awarded the “Philanthropic Heart” award.

“The second Philanthropic Evening was an opportunity to celebrate many philanthropists of the past, but also to gather the community of philanthropists and humanists of the Tuzla region, people who today make an immeasurable contribution to the development of our communities. In this way, the unfavorable environment for the development of philanthropy in our society is slowly beginning to change, as evidenced by the growing number of donors who share the values ​​of charity, solidarity and who believe in the importance of investing for the future. Future generations will also enjoy the benefits of their contribution, so we thought it was very important to give them recognition and thank them for their inspiring work”, said Jasna Jasarevic, director of the Tuzla Community Foundation.

On this occasion, a fundraising campaign was organized, so that donations from the guests of the evening, as well as other donors, in the amount of 30,000 BAM will be fully aimed at supporting the following civic philanthropic initiatives:

  • ˝Safe Backyard for the Safe House˝ run by the Viva Women Association
  • Support to the work of the Mixed Secondary School “Contemporary Art School” Tuzla
  • Scholarships for socially active students, the Prometheus Fund 2022/2023

            but also other socially useful campaigns from the doniraj.ba platform.

Adnan Mujkić, founder of the Association “Youth of Tuzla”, Youth Theater of Tuzla and High School “Contemporary Art School” Tuzla says that this type of support was lacking in the beginning of their work, and that additional motivation to continue selfless work is the local community investments in young people and their, both formal and non-formal education: “When we founded the Youth of Tuzla Association and the Tuzla Youth Theater 18 years ago, there were few who understood the legitimate needs and possibilities of such work. Still, we have created wonders and built a recognizable place for safe growing up for over 8,500 children and youth. Today, 18 years later, when we founded the High School “Contemporary Art School”, we thank everyone who understands, believes, shows solidarity, supports and donates for the development of this project. This school, together with students and teachers, will return twice through community development programs.”

In the post-pandemic year, which brought many new challenges for all members of society, in this way, through the promotion of philanthropy and giving, local philanthropists came together in a sincere and lasting partnership for the future. With a strong community of donors and humanists from the Tuzla region, the Foundation will continue to contribute to the development of a promising, safe and sustainable environment for all generations.

In recent years, good people have generously responded to the needs of the most vulnerable groups in our society and with their activism have shown how the synergy of civil, public and business sectors can yield great results and create visible change. The bridges they have built with their solidarity and charity will forever be a link between all of us who carry philanthropy within us. For great philanthropic contribution, the “Philanthropic Heart” award was given to individuals and companies in the following categories:

  • Founders of the Prometheus Fund for launching a philanthropic initiative
  • Merima Dzevdetbegovic for individual philanthropy
  • Bony d.o.o. for corporate philanthropy
  • Ivana Avramovic for philanthropic support from the diaspora
  • Angelina Hodzic for her commitment to philanthropy, posthumously
  • Monica Kleck for her commitment to philanthropy
  • Maja Sarihodzic for the promotion of philanthropy

“Since philanthropy is deeply rooted in my family and company, I thank the Foundation for recognizing this and awarding me this very important award, which we use to jointly promote philanthropy. Today we live in a society in which many are alienated and care only about themselves, and I hope that with this award I will inspire others to leave a mark in their community with good deeds. Congratulations to the other winners, and especially to those who have placed their trust and supported the initiatives I have launched in the past. Caring for others, solidarity, support and investment in future generations is the only sustainable model both in business and in life”, explains Merima Dzevdetbegovic, winner of the Philanthropic Heart.

The face of the Philanthropic Evening was again Maya Sar from Tuzla, who performed “unppluged” versions of her songs with the special guest of the evening, Nermin Puskar, with her husband, music producer Mahir Sarihodzic. Students of the High Music School “Cestimir Mirko Dusek” also performed in the music part of the program with modern performances of classical music.

The general sponsor of the Philanthropic Evening was the company Lukavac Cement d.o.o. and the event was organized within the project “Fighting the Covid 19 Pandemic through Philanthropy and Solidarity”, implemented by the Tuzla Community Foundation with the support of the Balkan Democracy Fund, the German Marshall Fund project of the USA and USAID.

Darujem zajednici koju volim – FONDACIJA TUZLANSKE ZAJEDNICE (fondacijatz.org)

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