HUB: We will always invest in education, one way or another

A book for medical students was bought from the money that the HUB members collected in a piggy bank.

We have repeatedly written about HUB Homework, a multifunctional space for work, learning and socializing. It is based on the principle of coworking space with adaptation for students and young people.

The Hub Homework, according to the founders, arose from the needs they met as students. It is a motivating space where young people can focus on their school/university obligations, study alone or in a group and prepare for exams and tests.

This time we would like to present you a commendable action that was carried out at the HUB Homework. Namely, all those who have come and are coming and who will come to the HUB Homework, will notice one white piggy bank on the counter, which is called: AdventureFUND, HUB fund!

It is a modest fund in which funds are raised and eventually invested in something that students need and will be able to use in the HUB’s premises.

This time, “HUB’s tip” was used to buy the book “Surgery“, which is needed to medical students, and whose price is high and may not be affordable for all students.

 – The book “Surgery”, extremely necessary and important for medical students, is rarely found. But now you can use it with us! This is a gift to you! We will always invest in education, one way or another!, it is written on the Hub Homework Facebook page.

You can visit the Hub Homework at Kolodvorska 12 in Sarajevo, follow them on Facebook and Instagram. If you need more information contact the Hub Homework team at 062 171 472 or by e-mail