How did young people in Sarajevo and Banja Luka strengthen their self-confidence and personal security?

In the past period, workshops “Strengthening self-confidence and personal safety” were held, organized by  the Institute for Youth Development KULT  in Sarajevo and Banja Luka, with the aim of celebrating Orange Day.

The Institute for Youth Development KULT has been pointing out the problem of violence against women and girls for years and every month celebrates Orange Day, the day to fight against violence against women and girls. Through various campaigns and activities, the Institute informs the public about the presence of violence against women and girls, educates young people about ways to report and prevent violence, and advocates the best solutions to stop or reduce violence against women and girls.

This is precisely why the Institute organized these workshops, in order to bring the topic of self-confidence, personal safety, violence and protection closer to young people, but also the importance of self-confidence and personal safety in the fight against violence. Workshop participants had the opportunity to better understand their own values ​​and learn to recognize and minimize risks in everyday situations through exercises of positive affirmations, educational discussions and practical advice. The participants of the workshops dealt with the topics of passive, assertive and aggressive behavior, reactions to the emotion of fear, but also the dramatic triangle, through which they became better acquainted with the roles of victim, abuser and savior.

After the workshops, the participants brought new acquaintances, a positive experience, but also new information about themselves and the people around them:  “The workshop enabled me to meet open-minded people and I definitely took something new with me from this workshop.” This was a great experience, I liked the trainer’s approach and I’m glad that we connected as a group and actively participated in the tasks” , said one of the participants.

These activities motivated the participants to make a joint effort in building a safe environment and empowered young people to become conscious actors in the prevention of violence, contributing to a culture of zero tolerance towards violence against women and girls.

The workshops were led by Nataša Pivašević, a graduate psychologist and consultant of Transactional Analysis under supervision.