HCI will finance Merhamet’s “Elderly Home Care” project with 60,000 BAM

SARAJEVO, February 25 – Canadian humanitarian organization “Human Concern International” (HCI) has accepted the proposal of the Regional Board of “Merhamet” Sarajevo to finance the project “Elderly Home Care”, which this regional board has been implementing for more than a decade. Thus, HCI will allocate 60,000 BAM for the realization of that project in 2021.

– The Regional Board of “Merhamet” Sarajevo sent a project proposal “Elderly Home Care” to our partner organization HCI, asking for 60,000 BAM for the implementation of the project, and our request was fully accepted by HCI. The project will be implemented throughout 2021, with the aim of helping and caring for our users on this project. The beneficiaries are persons older than 65, who have no close relatives and who live on the edge of existence, and are from the Sarajevo Canton – said the director of the Regional Board of “Merhamet” Sarajevo Munib Bujak.

The Regional Committee of “Merhamet” Sarajevo has been cooperating with this Canadian humanitarian organization for years, which supports several projects, such as Ramadan activities, the “Kurban” action, the “Soup Kitchen” project and the “Care for elderly and sick people” project.

– The general goal of the “Elderly Home Care” project is a safer and more comfortable life of elderly people in their homes. Through this project, we carry out a number of activities, such as: medical services (measuring blood sugar, blood cholesterol, blood pressure, dressing wounds, dispensing various medications and diapers, counseling, etc.), then helping at home, going to the store or pharmacy for the user, solving administrative tasks for the user, etc.) – says Bujak and adds:

– Through the implementation of this project, we also provide food and hygiene packages to people who are not able to come to “Merhamet’s” Soup Kitchen.

In addition to material assistance, we want to provide these users with support and the feeling that they are not alone and that they have not been forgotten, so we spend time with many people walking or drinking coffee together.

According to Bujak, a coordinator, two nurses and six volunteers are actively working on the project.

– We have a total of 132 users in the project “Elderly Home Care”. The project consists of four stages, the first stage of the project is going as expected, where we provided food and hygiene packages and various types of medicines to children. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we use protective equipment and adhere to all epidemiological recommendations. We visit our users regularly and help them with everything they need. For the first stage of the project, 15,000 BAM was spent – Bujak said.


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